Write an exploratory and argumentative essay addressing your topic, explaining how others address your topic, and express what you have to bring to the table.

The three sources have to aid in understanding the problem or issue. Do not use Wikipedia, online Blogs, or Facebook/Twitter blurbs. Also do not use websites designed to sell essays to students. RATHER, use GALILEO to find your sources. You must include a “Works Cited” page and use correct MLA format for in-text (parenthetical) citations. The research essay is the largest assignment of the semester. You will be required to thoroughly research a chosen landmark and use MLA documentation in the text. The research essay is designed to introduce you to rigorous academic research and research writing, as well as documentation style. The essay must contain a specified thesis statement that addresses a specific question and/or specific argument. The main idea must look past what is obvious. Go beyond “face-value.” This means “dig deep” and do not write a “book report” styled essay. For instance, your objective is not to “report on” a piece of art or just give a brief biography of an artist. Rather, write an exploratory and argumentative essay addressing your topic, explaining how others address your topic, and express what you have to bring to the table. These thesis statements can be a comparison and contrast (looking at thought/art/perspectives, etc… comparing it to contemporary (today’s) thought/art/perspectives/etc… The thesis could address influence, answering the question “To what extent does ____ influence 21st century American thought/art/etc…?” The thesis could also trace an idea (focus on an idea) and give us new insight. For instance, “Though the “dark ages” have been perceived as unscientific, this misrepresents this period significantly, the scientist known as _____, challenges the notion of the middle-ages as being lacking in scientific development and knowledge.” This should help you craft an argument. This essay should be completed in a formal tone. Imagine that you are writing this essay for a major journal of academic publication. You must include a minimum of three sources in your essay. The final draft of this essay should be free of technical errors. You must have an introduction that introduces the argument (the thesis). You must have topic sentences that address an idea about the thesis. Also include evidence (from sources) to support the topic sentence. Be sure to cite these sources in-text. Be sure to explain the evidence. Assignment Objectives: Choose a topic narrow enough for 3 1/2 page research paper Write a narrowed or specified thesis statement. Use the texts (research) as evidence to promote the thesis statement Use topic, exemplifying, and concluding sentences in each paragraph Use MLA format. The essay must: argue an (or more than one) analysis. (thesis statement) include at least 3 outside sources (not including your piece) –it can have more than that one outside source must be scholarly peer-reviewed (from GALILEO) In the introduction provide context or the environment of the chosen specific topic (work of art, architecture, etc) In the introduction curtail or lead the reader to the thesis. End the introduction with an arguable thesis statement that addresses the analysis of your specific topic The body must follow make observations about the topic and address these observation’s significance The body also must focus intensely upon one specific aspect of the topic and address its significance In the conclusion open up the piece back into the social context, addressing any social, political, religious, aspects this piece addresses, questions, or revises. Address the “So What” factor. Lastly, in the conclusion, address how this piece is representative of whichever time period it resides (for instance how does Michelangelo’s represent the Renaissance or whatever time period your landmark resides in, then address how this work continually influences the contemporary times). All this must be in MLA format see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnfl5itNJ3Y