Write an essay on what you learned from the Textbook Chapter or Lecture Slideshow.

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Write an essay on what you learned from the Textbook Chapter or Lecture Slideshow.For a page with 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and minimal spacing elements, a good rule of thumb is 500 words for a single-spaced page and 250 words for a double-spaced page. Clearly mark it with your name, class section, and chapter of the book or slideshow you are writing on. Submit it via Canvas Assignments as a Word document or PDF. I’m not your English teacher and I will probably get into trouble for this but, these papers are supposed to be your reaction and so I will not grade them on spelling or grammar. That is, of course, unless I can’t tell what you’re trying to say. I will check for length and when I mean 350 words, that should be followed. Their due dates are listed on the TESTS & HOLIDAYS doc in FILES, 10 papers [2 per Module]. Answer questions like: What did you, the student, get out of this? Do you think you understand what the author is trying to convey? You are thinking too hard about this. The Participation Grade is for this POS class, 1/5th of your grade. And each Reflection Paper is 1/10th of that grade. This is to see if you absorbed the information from the source. I want proof that you read it and understand it. I do not want to wait until the test to see if you read it and you understand it. This paper is for me to see what you understand or what you missed. So, that I can redirect you to something you missed or catch something you got wrong. Better to find that out now, rather than wait until the student fails the test. I can catch a student mistake during in-person class discussion. I don’t have that in the online class. And I don’t want to do discussion boards. In this super-charged atmosphere, I don’t want a situation where one student harasses another, and I get the blame. So, maybe think of it in that context. You are submitting a discussion of a slideshow or a book chapter to me rather than the whole class. We used to have an exercise called Ready Writing. After reviewing a question, chapter, etc. the student gives their immediate reaction. This is more akin to that. There are a few parameters, but really the wrong answer is vagueness and/or being too brief or a lot of wordiness just to meet the word limit.