Write an application letter and a resume, tailored to a specific job and employer.

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This week’s Writing Assignment will require you to produce an application letter and a resume, tailored to a specific job and employer. For this discussion, conduct a job search for openings and find a job you could reasonably see yourself applying to, either now or after you have earned your degree. (LinkedIn.com and Indeed.com are two popular job search sites, but feel free to use a site of your choosing). Next, conduct some background research on the organization you’d like to apply to via websites, social media, or other online sources. (Part 2 of this resourceLinks to an external site. has good ideas, plus additional info that may come in handy on this week’s writing assignment). Finally, share the following: A link to the job posting you found and a summary of the job description The reason(s) you’d like to apply to a job like this One key piece of background research on the employer, and how you might use this info to tailor your cover letter and resume Part two please respond back to student one and two Student one Hello class, https://recruiting.paylocity.com/recruiting/jobs/Details/1175649/HealthFlex-Home-Health-Services/Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN—Home-Health?source=Indeed_FeedLinks to an external site. This link is to an LVN job posting by HealthFlex Home Health Services. The posting is for a travel nurse. This position would consist of traveling to clients homes to deliver medical care based on that particular patient’s condition. This posting grabbed my interest due to its flexibility in scheduling, work environment, and the company’s location. Scheduling is a big factor for me because I will be attending Nightingale for a few more semesters and need flexibility. The company is based out of San Francisco which is near where I live. This means the company will be sending me to job sites within my area. One key of background information on the employer would be that this company was founded by nurses. This would be of great use to my cover letter and resume because I am currently a nurse and have quite a bit of experience in this type of work already. It is important to support our fellow nurses, not just individually at our job sites, but as a whole. We need to represent a united front and exemplify teamwork. Student two Hi everyone, I am undecided on two potential jobs I would like to apply for when completing my RN degree, Hospice, or Respiratory nurse. I am mostly drawn to Hospice because I like to care for others and provide comfort for those who need it. Family members have a hard time caring for their loved one during this time and many people do not handle death well nor know how to care for someone who is declining. I feel Hospice nurses provide a valuable service to a family allowing them just to be family and enjoy the time they have left with their loved ones. On ProHealth’s website it states they are looking for people with great attitudes who want to work hard and enjoy their job. I would adjust my cover letter to display these attributes. The job posting itself lists responsibilities of the position so I would be sure to highlight any experience that I have relevant to the position so it would stand out. https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Prohealth-Home-Care-Inc/Job/Home-Health-&-Hospice-Registered-Nurse/Links to an external site.