Write a study on the following topic: What are the typical areas of accounting fraud?

Write a study on the following topic: What are the typical areas of accounting fraud?Introduction Brief overview of WorldCom and its significance in accounting history. Purpose and scope of the paper. Background: What Was WorldCom? History of WorldCom: Founding, growth, and business model. Its position in the market prior to the scandal. Understanding WorldCom’s Scandal Detailed analysis of the fraud methods used to misrepresent financial records. Key figures involved in the fraud. Role of whistleblowers and others who helped uncover the fraud. The Role of External Auditors Examination of why WorldCom’s external auditors failed to detect the fraud. Discussion of auditing practices and standards during that period. The Bankruptcy of WorldCom Timeline and impact of WorldCom’s bankruptcy. Immediate financial and business consequences. Fallout and Aftermath The broader impact of the scandal on the financial markets and regulatory environment. Changes in laws and accounting practices post-WorldCom. Analysis of WorldCom’s Internal Controls Examination of WorldCom’s weaknesses concerning the six elements of quality controls: Specific examples showing how these weaknesses correlated to the fraud. Conclusion Summary of key findings. Lessons learned from the WorldCom scandal and its relevance to contemporary business practices. References Cite all sources using direct quotations and proper citation format.[order_button_a]