Write a rough draft on a paper about digital nomadism in Indonesia.

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Write a rough draft on a paper about digital nomadism in Indonesia. My professors gave me those feedbacks so the paper has to shift to another direction: The indonesian government think it’s a good idea to develop its economy but is it really? Governments like that are bad at creating new economic environment, especially that are sustainable and preserve the culture. So we have to significantly change the paper and put the emphasis on this. It’s really important to highlight that the government is promoting this digital nomad visa etc… The discussion should address this labor migration paradox which is: Governments of the south (underdeveloped countries) are more than willing to welcome labor migration from the north but governments from the north are opposed to welcome labor migration from the south (something that should really be mentioned in the conclusion/reflection on all the research). It really shows a double standard issue.It’s still important to talk about what digital nomadism etc… But instead of focusing just on canggu and the social economic impacts it could have (considering that it is not just digital nomadism but probably mainly tourism) , focusing on how the Indonesian government promotes that, what it means, and obviously mentioning the possible impacts. So the focus has to shift on LABOR MIGRATION. This obviously needs more sources, the paper I attached has already some good sources/informations, it’s still really important to explain what digital nomadism is etc… But the paper needs to be SIGNIFICANTLY changed to focus on the labor migration issue.