Write a research report that includes an explanation, lessons learned, and a health or medical issue.

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Write a research report that includes an explanation, lessons learned, and a health or medical issue.Assignment Guidelines Pick 2 companies that you or your group members might have insight in, interest in, work in, etc. Or, if none of these are ones you work in, pick one you’d like to work in, or one you’re just curious learning about! I realize many companies fall into several of the categories listed. Record a zoom presentation (on your own time – do not need to schedule it with me). Make sure it’s recording, and that you are aware it’s recording (and we can all watch it!) Make sure mic, video, etc work We know things happen during presentations – these are NOT expected to be perfect AT ALL! Part is looking at the material, part is looking at how you’re presenting it, and part on how you roll with the punches if something doesn’t work right. Presentation Grading Rubric Grading Point Points Possible Effectiveness of writing (script in presentation), word usage, and grammar 20 Organization of information 15 Complete information (per requirements) on both companies 40 The “look” of the presentation 10 Coordination and collaboration of team members (team member evaluations) 10 Peer Review of your team 5 TOTAL POINTS 100 The following guidelines may help you conduct this research and organize it for you report: Be objective when making your observations, whether online, through interviews, or in person. Try not to enter the organizations with preconceived notions about their cultures, and don’t make guesses. Every conclusion you reach must be based on tangible evidence such as objects, routines, documents, observed social interactions, or interviews with organization members. Research on observable (to the public) traits of the two organizations and describe the dominant physical artifacts such as office sizes and locations, equipment, technologies, employee dress, awards and ceremonies, language (both style and type), music, printed statements, decorations, etc. Consider the employees’ degree of formality and informality. Observe social interactions, both among employees and between employees and customers, if appropriate. Consider the leadership of the two organizations. Do the leaders appear to shape the culture? Is there a strong hierarchy? Do the leaders appear congruent with dominant cultural beliefs and assumptions? Infer from observable artifacts, dress, communication and behavior if necessary. Are there any artifacts or behaviors that appear incongruent with the dominant cultural beliefs? For BOTH companies, you need to analyze and discussion IN DEPTH: Basic overview of each company: mission, vision, founders, goals, brief history, etc. Leadership style SWOT for both companies Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Analysis of both companies How have they dealt with current issues (i.e. COVID, discrimination, low wages, etc) Talk about something that’s been “in the news” (good or bad), such as something a PR department would need to handle. Make sure your each student submit: at least 2 pages, fully explains your answer, uses supporting references, and follows apa (references, citing, 10 to 12-pt font). Need to submit both words document and PowerPoint presentation. Two companies that we choose for our project is Apple and Microsoft The only part for me is “How have they dealt with current issues (i.e. COVID, discrimination, low wages, etc)”