Write a research paper on tolerance policy on plagiarism.

Write a research paper on tolerance policy on plagiarism. 1.Executive summary at the beginning of your report. An executive summary is a brief description of what the reader is about to read once he or she goes through your report. Again, there are many places where you can find information about how to write a good executive summary. Search for it in the CFA document (link provided above). 2. The company’s financial ratios. You should select the most relevant ones, and you should consider the ones that you have learned in the prerequisite course of Principles of Finance. Make sure that you present the financial ratios for the last 5 years (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018) 3.You need to apply the following models/techniques in your work: a)Dividend Discount Model (Gordon-Shapiro Model) b)Multiples Valuation . Don’t forget to: Go to the internet and search for more sources of information. Your equity report is a report about the company’s fundamentals. All traded companies have annual reports, and they are available on the internet. Search for information in them. Other relevant sites you may find of interest are: Corporate Finance Institute, MarketWatch , Investopedia and Seeking Alpha. Finally, surprise me! You must tell a story to the investor (let’s pretend it’s me) about the company that you have selected. Make sure that you include some ‘strategic’ information: the company’s main competitors, the opportunities and threats the company faces and some insight on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, as you perceive them. You can tell a story in some many ways, so be creative! Instructions: – Use your own words – Include a cover page for your project including group names and students’ ID – Alasala Colleges has a 0% tolerance policy on plagiarism. The maximum similarity percentage (Turn-it-in) allowed is 30%. Groups with turn-it-in similarity percentage above 30% (up to 60%) will automatically lose 50% of the total mark. The other 50% will be allocated based of the delivered project quality. Groups with turn-it-in similarity percentage above 60% will be given ZERO. – Your project should not be more than 20 pages long (minimum of 10 pages) – Use at least 8 references – The font should be Times New Roman, size 12, space 1.5 – Citation Harvard style