Write a research paper on the topic, “What Does It Mean to Be an Author?”

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Write a research paper on the topic, “What Does It Mean to Be an Author?”ARE YOU AN AUTHOR? In this class, you have been asked to write profusely. With this final assignment, you need to consider whether you are an author or not. Reflect on everything you’ve written (short papers, essays, dear reader letters, etc.) and ask: am I an author? Like all your papers, you must craft an argument that analyzes your position and provides evidence. Your evidence will come in the form of your previous essays, short writings, and readings we did as a class. Do not use any other sources. There are no right answers here, I am looking for clarity, organization and analysis skills. Some questions to consider (you do not have to answer all of them!): What is an author? What is a writer? Why might someone consider you an author? Why might someone not consider you an author? How has your writing grown this semester? If you aren’t an author now, could you be? What is the value of being an author? The final essay should be 2-3 pages, double spaced in MLA format. Student Example: Author Student Example.docx Note : Based on the Get Educated, Why I write by George Orwell, How to write with style by Kurt Vonnegut and The Art of the personal Essay by Phillip Lopate.