Write a research paper on the relationship between health outcomes and social determinants of health.

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Write a research paper on the relationship between health outcomes and social determinants of health.In this assignment, you will be given 3 profiles of patients with different health concerns and issues. Each patient comes from a different geographical area and from different social circumstances. You will determine which social determinants of health (SDOH) may be directly contributing to each patient’s current state of health. Take into consideration all information provided about each patient when determining which SDOH is applicable to each patient’s circumstances. Each patient will have more than 1 SDOH contributing to their current state of health. Provide an explanation justifying why your selected SDOH would impact the patient’s current health outcomes. Consider SDOH from all 5 domains: Economic stability Education access and quality Health care access and quality Neighborhood and built environment Social and community context Review the Patient Profiles. Assignment Deliverable Complete the Social Determinants of Health Worksheet. DETAILS: (three patients) Introduction- [Patient one] Samuel T This is Samuel T, a 7-year-old Black male who lives in West Garfield Park on the southside of Chicago. -Family Samuel has 2 siblings (an older sister and older brother). His parents are divorced and he is residing with his mom who is single. His mother works 2 jobs, 1 full-time and 1 part-time, to make ends meet. He does stay with his father on weekends occasionally, who lives in Englewood. -Social Samuel’s mother reports that he doesn’t seem to have many friends. She says that he used to be very social and eager to go play outside with the neighborhood kids. About a year ago he stopped wanting to go play outside and has preferred to stay indoors at home. -Physical Samuel is underweight for his age (nutritional deficiency) and was recently diagnosed with asthma. Introduction- Crystal (patient 2) This is Crystal P., a 32-year-old White female who lives in southeast Oklahoma in a small rural town (population 6,487) in McCurtain county. -Family Crystal is single but has 4 children all under the age of 10. Two of the children have the same father and the other 2 both have different fathers. Crystal has never been married and has a history of intimate partner violence. -Social Crystal is on a fixed income due to her chronic back pain disability. She does not own a car and must depend on others for rides to buy groceries, do laundry, etc. She does have insurance due to her disability. -Physical Crystal was recently admitted to the ER for complications due to not taking diabetes medication as prescribed. Crystal also suffers from chronic backpain. The doctor advised her to lose weight. – Mental Crystal has a history of bipolar disorder, currently untreated. Introduction- Marcos (patient 3) This is Marcos Y., a 54-year-old Native American male. He is homeless, jobless, and living on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. -Family Marcos has no immediate family living in the area. -Social Marcos has no transportation nor a mailing address. He tends to stay to himself and has been arrested many times for public intoxication. -Physical Marcos was recently hospitalized after he was found unconscious due to severe dehydration and heat stroke. -Mental Marcos has schizophrenia and long history of an alcohol and substance use disorder. He has had difficulty concentrating and focusing on anything. He exhibits depressive behaviors. He lacks motivation to work or even practice self-care..