Write a research paper on postcolonial analysis of Crossing the River by Caryl Phillips.

Write a research paper on postcolonial analysis of Crossing the River by Caryl Phillips.The exact assignment instructions are attached in the two files. This paper assignment is pretty open, leaving the writer with freedom to choose their focus, however in alignment with the assignment instructions. One example can be to focus on a specific character, or between multiple characters, for example the relationship between Nash and Edward Williams, or one might use certain events as evidence to analyse and discuss. Pick the most straightforward focus, it does not need to be unique. It is more important how the essay is written and how well it answers the assignment question.It is important to have an introductory paragraph, an introduction sentence in the beginning of each paragraph, discussion paragraph, and a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph. A concluding paragraph is also important. In short, the normal guidelines for academic writing. Please use a formal tone yes, but don’t exaggerate with peculiar or rare words that only top tier academics use. Opt for a more common word choice that still regards as formal and appropiate for academic writing. There is a need to reference to at least these 2 sources: 1) Crossing the River by Caryl Philips.It needs to be referenced to as a means to show evidence from the book that supports your line of reasoning and moves the essay forward. Correct page numbers.I use the 1994 New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House version.2) Barry, Peter (2017). An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory: Fourth Edition. Manchester: Manchester University Press. This source needs to be referenced to in order to prove that the evidence shown from “Crossing the River” is legit. That when events from the book ties to postcolonial theories for example, it needs to be backed up what Barry talks about in this book. Every time a term is defined that has to do with postcolonial theory or gay studies or of that sort, Barry’s book should be used. In this way, Caryl Phillips story and Barry’s student literature works together to prove what the essay is trying to convey. If needed, an additional source can be used, but that is not necessary. Sidenote: make sure the requirements are met, for example font, size, etc.[order_button_a]