Write a research paper on how Tsinghua became a world-class research university.

Please see the enclosed documents. Please look ( How Tsinghua became a world-class research university ) in this researcher’s chapter 3 (data chapter). This document is enclosed. I want you to: Look at the requirements and see what is completed and improve it. Add the things that are required in each section. Also, look at the topic and questions and determine how the data will be collected. See what is already done and improve it. The professor said this should be a qualitative case study, but I could include quantitative aspects. I want a stats expert to review the requirements and what is completed, look at the example research, fix mine, and make it ready to submit. I would like to see check-ins along the way to ensure it is going well. Please make corrections in Word so that it can be tracked. I am confused with this chapter because my stats are poor. It needs to be clearly stated as the requirements outline.[order_button_a]