Write a research paper about the primary justifications for slavery.

Write a research paper about the primary justifications for slavery.Using the theme of Slavery contextualize at least FOUR examples from Apuleius that have to do with that theme. Each example should be referenced. For example, if you choose slavery, you might comment on the situation of Photis within her owners’ household, what her jobs are, her interactions with her owners and household guests, as well as the limitations placed on her that have to do with her social and legal status. For each example you choose, you must cite at least 2 relevant primary and 2 relevant secondary sources (for the secondary sources, you may cite Shelton As the Romans Did THIRD EDITION or Aldrete, Daily Life in the Roman City, Oklahoma twice; but please not the same page/reference). Refer to Shelton and Aldrete as secondary sources by page number (e.g. Shelton p. 44) and primary sources in Shelton as Shelton source X, followed by the information provided after that source number (e.g. Shelton source 314 CIL 7.229). If the source is longer than one page, then also include the page number that has the material you are citing (see Shelton source 322 – and by the way if you do cite a source like this that has multiple lines, you only need to refer to the author and work after the source number). Each example will need ca. 200 words of explanation. This means that the total length of the body of your paper (excluding title, bibliography – if you use one) will be 800-1000 words. Direct quotations should be no longer than necessary, meaning in most cases less than one line of a paper. Note that quotations don’t speak for themselves; your job is to interpret them and not simply restate what you’ve quoted in the next sentence. Don’t use long direct quotations in order to meet the required word count of the assignment.[order_button_a]