Write a research article using information gathered from a colleague’s rural Guatemalan type 2 diabetes study.

Linked are data collected during a colleague’s research on type 2 diabetes in rural Guatemala*: diabetes final workbook – 11 Nov 2015.xlsxDownload diabetes final workbook – 11 Nov 2015.xlsx Data dictionary here: diabetes variables.docxDownload diabetes variables.docx Please use the R Graph GalleryLinks to an external site. to create 2 distinct graphs using this dataset. We leave the choice of which graphs up to you. We would like them well-formatted, with proper labeling for the legend/title/axes. One must be faceted. Then explain your graphs and what they show you. Upload your submission with as a markdown or quarto document (.rmd or .qmd) or a rendered version of those documents (html, pdf). Submissions must include code, graphs, and comments.[order_button_a]