Write a  project report, detailed proposal, dissertation, or other work that is based on primary research, literature, service development, or evaluation.

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The assessment is a project report, detailed proposal, dissertation (literature based, primary research, service development or evaluation) which is up to 6,000 words in length. The precise nature of the assessment is negotiated and agreed with your supervisor. This written assignment will enable you to undertake a project that explores a topic of your own choice relating to your area of practice and present your findings. You may choose a primary research proposal, extended literature review, service evaluation proposal, or service improvement proposal.In order to achieve a pass, you should pay close attention to the following points:• Demonstrate a sufficient understanding of the relevance of the evidence base to your chosen topic area.• Demonstrate a sufficient understanding of the methods/skill/ethics in relation to your chosen project.• Demonstrate a satisfactory level of critical analysis/appraisal, and synthesis of the current knowledge base in order to meet the aim of your project ie answer your research question, implement service improvement.• Provide justification for any decisions that you made in relation to your project.• Explain how you project is relevant to practice, and how any findings/potential conclusions drawn could inform practice/service provision/future research.• Provide and informed discussion on the potential impact on patients/service users/professionals, including ethical considerations.• Communicate work in a clear, balanced, and coherent manner.• Follow appropriate academic writing conventions and agreed referencing requirements. NEED THE DRAFTS BY 17TH NOVEMBER-LEVEL 6 UNDERGRADUATES DISSERTATIONS https://jbi.global/critical-appraisal-tools- THAT IS THE LINK FOR CRITICAL APPRAISAL TOOL