Write a program for an athlete-Choose your athlete, and no it does not need to be a real athlete.

Assignment Question

Description: You will be expected to be able to apply the information gained in the course to write a program for an athlete. For most professionals in the field of Strength and Conditioning writing programs for athletes is a very important and large aspect of their career. The purpose of this assignment is to teach you the proper thought process that should be followed when developing an anaerobic program.

Assignment: You will create a program of a minimum of 12 weeks for an athlete in a given sport. You get to choose your athlete, and no it does not need to be a real athlete. However, you must list all the important details about your athlete to allow you to justify your decisions in your program. Also, you must mention what season they are currently in (preseason, in-season…). You are not only writing a program, but more importantly a RESEARCH paper that will explain your reasoning for everything you chose for your program.

 This paper will be in APA format. o https://owl.purdue.edu

 The typed out program should be attached at the end of the paper in the appendices after the references.

 Any source you use should be cited properly (in-text and works cited in APA format), but there are not a required number of sources for this project.

 Brevity is an important quality, but you must adequately justify your program. Don’t be redundant just to lengthen your paper.

 You will be graded on your needs analysis, thought process, justification of your program, quality of references used, and the overall quality of the program.

 This assignment will be submitted on Canvas.

 This is not a group project, each student must do their own work! Plagiarism will result in a grade of ZERO for the project and an F for the course.

Assignment Outline: I. Title Page II. Introduction A. Explain what sport you chose and any other background information such as what season your program was written for (ex. Beginning of offseason, peaking phase, maintenance phase…) III. Needs Analysis A. Sports Specific Needs Analysis i. Movement analysis 1. Major body movements required in the sport. Include what planes the movements happen in, the joint actions, and prime movers. 2. May pick a couple specific movements to focus on in complex sports. ii. Physiological analysis 1. Energy systems and fitness components iii. Injury analysis 1. Use data not your opinions or personal experience. Need references! iv. Testing 1. Reasons for choosing each test. v. Testing Results 1. Make sure to compare to norms and cite. vi. Training Goals/Program Focus IV. Anaerobic Program Design A. Explain why you chose each of the following variables for your specific program. i. Exercise selection and order ii. Training frequency iii. Training Loads or Intensities iv. Sets and Reps schemes v. Load Volume vi. Rest Periods vii. Need references to justify your reasons for choosing what you did for EVERYTHING! V. Conclusion VI. Works Cited VII. Appendix with Resistance Training Program