Write a persuasive essay about HIPAA, explaining why data protection has become so crucial and what occurs in the event of a breach or violation.

Write a persuasive essay about HIPAA, explaining why data protection has become so crucial and what occurs in the event of a breach or violation.Respond to each classmates’ discussion statement below Reply from Amanda As the times have been changing, a lot more laws and the awareness of our own personal information is being placed for everyone’s protection. Criminal activity is becoming more apparent when it comes to healthcare and fraudulent cases occur on a daily basis unfortunately. It is becoming more important because of how frequent it occurs and how violating it is to lose or have your data be manipulated. In the past, it was possibly more difficult to have physical documents to be forged. It still happened, but with today’s technology, not only is it easy to use and much more feasible to manage documents, but it is easily accessible for anyone to obtain your information in a highly circulated source. Our digital footprint is now available in all parts of the planet. So it is important to have these borders and barriers to protect our information and our rights since it is our own personal information on our health and lifestyle in general. The consequences of breaching such laws can vary from case to case, however, it is still an extreme violation. Some examples of the penalties can be fined up to $100,000 or can reach to millions if it is a repeat offender. As well as 10 years imprisonment. With HIPAA it is there to have patients access their information and to give permissions on who and what information they will allow to be discussed. As well as protect their rights and privacy. Reply from Esperanza Data protection has become so important not only in the healthcare field but also in government. Just as it is the governments priority to protect the citizens from any outside or terrorist attack, so is the importance of protecting PHI in the healthcare field. Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable and targeted by cyberattacks because they possess so much information of high monetary and intelligence value to cyber thieves. The targeted data includes patients’ protected health information, financial information like credit card and bank account numbers, personally identifying information (PHI) such as Social Security numbers, and intellectual property related to medical research and innovation. (AHA.org) If a breach or violation occurs, information stolen can be used for fraud, scams, and identity theft. It is important to maintain the HIPAA security rule, also known as security standards for the protection of electronic Protected Health Information as it covers the standard’s of ePHI protections. This rule requires entities covered by the HIPAA compliance law to have appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards in place to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and security of ePHI. (cprime.com)