Write a paper on”How do you think World War 2 contributed to the conflict between Arab and Jewish nationalism?”

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“Based on further inquiry on a topic from reading reflections, good papers will be well researched and crafted. While no minimum requirement exists for the number of scholarly sources, research should be focused and well-communicated. Generally, some of the best papers of this type involve at least 2-3 books and 4-6 journal articles. The writing style should not take away from the reader’s ability to understand what the author is trying to say. Most importantly, the finest papers reflect critical thought. This means that the author looks at various perspectives analytically and makes a reasoned argument—not a polemic—that reflects depth in thought instead of mere statements of belief that are not sustained in the texts. Papers that ask good questions and discover creative ways of putting forth an argument will be viewed most favorably. Papers must shed more light on a particular aspect of the topic chosen for the reading reflection (excluding the first week’s introduction) and may not simply involve regurgitation. You may take an argument and review it—surveying divergent perspectives—or formulate an informed opinion on a single issue. The central purpose of this writing activity is to allow you to explore perspectives on issues that transcend the in-class texts. Your grade is based on your ability to think critically, which includes looking at various sides of an issue, actively thinking of alternative ways to perceive a problem, and utilizing research sources to understand a perspective. Now, I understand that you could only do so much in the allowed number of pages. However, you could compose either a few pages of pearls or many pages of garbage. I demand the former, and will not settle for the latter. I know that every member of this course is capable of at worst satisfying my expectations and best dazzling me with her/his insights. All papers must be 10-25 pages, written in standard 12-point font, double-spaced.” The paper should research/ answer the question “How do you think World War 2 contributed to the conflict between Arab and Jewish nationalism?” Palestine Divided | Al Jazeera World – YouTube There is a link to a YouTube video on that topic above. Chapters 11-13 talk about/ this topic. I linked the book down below with attached files.