Write a paper on the topic: Can public administrators benefit from data analysis?

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Write a paper on the topic: Can public administrators benefit from data analysis? During the semester, students will be responsible for developing a research project in which they will analyze a data set of their choice in the field of public affairs and administration. The following are the project deliverables that students must submit: • October 15: Research topic and data set. • October 29: Data visualization and descriptive statistics. • November 12: One-sample and two-sample hypothesis testing. • December 3: Identifying relationships: Analysis of variance, correlation, and regression. • December 10: Final report. You must submit a Word document with your final report and an Excel file with your dataset and all your analyses. This final report accounts for 10% of your final grade in the class. The final report must contain: The introductory narrative from your Deliverable 1. Add one paragraph summarizing your main findings. The descriptive statistics and the charts from Deliverable 2. Make sure to include the charts in the Word document (you can copy them from Excel and paste them as images in Word), and to discuss and interpret your charts and calculations. The hypothesis testing from Deliverable 3. Make sure to discuss the results. Conduct at least 2 correlation analyses between your continuous variables. Report and interpret the results. Conduct one multiple regression analysis (Review slides for Weeks 13 and 14) with one dependent variable and at least 2 independent variables. Report and interpret the results. Final reflection (500 words): Is data analysis useful for public administrators? Why or why not? How has this class help you reinforce, or change, your understanding of data analysis? Below you will see all the work that I have done to get to this point, Please use the data and make any edits necessary on pervious work and complete the requirements asked above with the information uploaded PLEASE ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS NEEDED