Write a paper exploring how “supply chains” and “mutant supply chains” affect economic production systems and how these models complicate Friedman’s notion of “collaboration”?

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It should show a general outline of the paper you plan to write (this does NOT mean bullet points! This should be all written out in a manner befitting a formal paper.) “General outline” means you answer the questions: What are we talking about? How are we going to talk about it? Why should we care? (See the templates for every introduction in the “How to Write a Paper” handout for help.) Ideally, it should have a clear statement of your central claim. This may be a tall order for an exploratory draft, so just do your best here. Consider it like this: Be able to complete this statement when asked, “My paper is arguing — _this ” *** (See the templates for every introduction in the “How to Write a Paper” handout for help.) *** Guideline for paper Double-spaced 12pt. Times New Roman font ONLY! Please use a proper MLA heading for all your papers. That means this: (Left aligned on the first page) Your Name Prof. Class Date Then the title is centered. Begin your text after. There is no need for extra spaces between all the heading info (name, prot, class, date, title) because the document will already be double-spaced. Don’t overdo it with the spacing to give your paper the illusion of completing a page count. Just one more time so we’re clear: Make sure you’re using 12-point Times New Roman font and that your document is, again, double-spaced. This means do not put unnecessary spaces in between paragraphs an indent denotes the beginning of a new paragraph mess with margins, spacing, or ten to ta nake i o please u wrote more than you did-this is a red flag for sloppy work, it’s very obvious when it’s done so please don’t mess with this stutt. Don’t Panic. Don’t be overwhelmed. The most important thing I’m looking for in this paper is an indication that you ACTIVELY READ the whole text by presenting a WORKABLE THESIS. General Mission Parameters: See the Canvas page on “Guidelines” for expectations concerning general format and page counts. You many only use one text from the unit. Follow the “How to Write a Paper” handout. Note: in the following choices there are multiple questions, this does not mean you treat each of these questions as a checklist and go down the list giving curt answers for each. These are merely directions from which you could begin. The more important part is following the terms in each. We’ll most certainly go over this in more detail during class. Essay Questions Much of Freidman’s focus is on collaboration —a theory based on collaboration. How does Friedman define the role of “collaboration” in his essay? NOT how the dictionary defines “collaboration” but how it is defined in the text.The big start is figuring out what is being created by these collaborations (hint: it’s NOT just a Dell laptop). Doing this will entail examining how “collaboration” plays within economic systems of production via “supply chains,” the effect of “mutant supply chains” and how do these models complicate Friedman’s theory of “collaboration? Use these terms to uncover the overall concept embedded in the argument of the text.