Write a paper explaining what a dissertation proposal’s technique is.

Write a paper explaining what a dissertation proposal’s technique is.The detailed proposal should contain the following elements 1- Project Title: a working title that summarises research topic should be provided. This is expected to communicate the research scope succinctly. ( I have attached the choice of my topic there is a summary of the title, ideas, and my problem research in a document call ”Dissertation problem ” ) 2- Background to the Study: This should give adequate background to the study, including the research problem that the study seeks to address. The research aim should be seen to be addressing the research problem and the established gap in knowledge. 3- Project Aim and Objectives: You should give a statement that summarises the overall purpose of your studies, aim, and a list of three to five objectives through which the study‚Äôs aim would be fulfilled ( Plese see Dissertation problem docx i put aims and objectives ,however ,if you have any ideas to edit or add more it is ok you can do it ), 4- Initial Literature Review: The initial literature review should be used to show an awareness and understanding of key issues and concepts relating to the study. The literature review should evaluate recent developments within the research area, identify the gaps in knowledge and establish the need for the proposed study. 5- Project Plan: A project plan, usually a Gantt chart, should be included as an Appendix. It should give sufficient information to understand how you plan to carry out your research. ( for methods I am planning to use a questionnaire design) 6- References: You must use Harvard reference style for detailed research proposal , it is important to use reference and AI is strictly prohibited, please be careful thanks in advance[order_button_a]