Write a paper explaining the procedures involved in developing a plan for leadership development.

Write a paper explaining the procedures involved in developing a plan for leadership development. Personal Assessment of Leadership Abilities and Talents (2–3 pages) a. This section can be in outline form; list six to eight skill sets, abilities, or talents that you feel are important to have as a systemic leader. You can name and define these in whatever way you would like; however, they should be grounded in principles and concepts you have learned in the course. For example, you might name one: “Relational Awareness—the ability to be aware of relational influences on the team and intervene when necessary to improve attachment and avoid triangulation.” b. Once you have identified and defined these leadership traits and abilities, describe how you will continue to develop this trait or ability. c. Describe how this trait will help your team or organization. 2 – Systemic Leadership Principles (2–3 pages) a. This section will be used to expand on any principles or concepts that you found most valuable throughout the course. Choose four to six principles or concepts that connected with you, then describe the principle, discuss how the principle is important to systemic leadership, and describe how that principle will be applied. Some of these principles could relate to the weeks on innovation, problem solving, management, or systemic principles applied to leadership. 3 – Develop a Systemic Leadership Plan for Your Team or Organization (2–3 pages) a. Many companies have leadership development plans; use this section to describe how you and your group can help each other become systemic leaders. Will you use coaching or mentoring within your group or organization? Will you engage in ongoing evaluation? Will you develop an ongoing curriculum? How will you train and provide resources to your people? How will you inspire, motivate, and empower them? How will you instill effective structural and process principles? Expand on some possible programs you could put in place for everyone on your team or within the organization. TED Talks/other resources: