Write a paper discussing the similarities between the material and vocabulary provided, the scaled score, and the idea that perceptual thinking is the same thing.

Write a paper discussing the similarities between the material and vocabulary provided, the scaled score, and the idea that perceptual thinking is the same thing. Instructions for Cognitive report: First is the background document. This you just simply copy and paste. Now you do need to read it. You do need to know who you’re writing up and a little bit about them, because eventually you’re going to be writing the conclusion and summary. But for the first report all you have to do is copy and paste this, and you’re writing up the WIAS and the WIAT. That’s the whole first report. You’re just copying pasting this, and you’re writing up the WAIS and the WIAT. This is already scored. This just gives you all the information of the record form and WIAT, for here’s the record form, but it is scored for you already, so you do not have to score it. You’ll see the score report right here. So, it’s already scored for you. And something I want you to make note of is. I want you to look at the critical values here when we’re looking at index level discrepancies because you are gonna have to report what is statistically, significantly different. And it looks like at least 2 things are statistically, significantly different. But it doesn’t look like there’s a huge difference. So, we’re looking at B suites. And the base rates are pretty high. Now, when we look at the WIAT 4 score report. We’re looking at the core summary here. We’re looking at all of the different indices. And this has really just the difference between total achievement in each of the composites. This is where we decide whether it’s a significant difference. So you have to report on the significant differences, and you have to report on some of the we’re looking at the base reads here, and if they’re below 10%. Or calling them clinically significant saying that they’re rare. I’m reporting them in the report, and I’ll show you where in a minute. So, this is just one of the forms. So, I think you’re getting a sense of how you’re going to write the report. Now, if we go to the actual spider-man report. t’s right here, and I tried to make it very big under the background. All you have to do for the first report is right. Something like this. the Wexler adult intelligence scale was administered to Mister Spiderman. Give the full scale, IQ. You say whether you think it’s representative or not? Then you go through the indices, and you say which ones were significantly statistically stronger. And then you say which ones were clinically stronger. You write your verbal performances.So this person didn’t just write the verbal Comprehension Index. They repeated it in verbal comp, in, in, under verbal performances, and then they wrote. How similarities the scaled score came out, information and vocabulary and said something about that perceptual reasoning same thing. They talked about the overall index, and then wrote about each of the scaled scores and wrote something about them. The same thing here processing speed index was repeated, wrote about all the scaled scores that were administered. You can ignore things like, see executive section below because you didn’t do executive tasks and for attention. They wrote something that I don’t think you need to write because you don’t have that information. But I would just kind of skip this. I can repost it, write working memory, the working memory index. And then how they did on all the different and working memory scaled scores. Usually, we do get a digit span forward digit, span backward digit sequencing. And then arithmetic are the ones that we usually create and write about. So those that’s what I would do. So you can use this as a model. But use your own words for the achievement. You also can put in what the total achievement score was and you can put in for each of these the clinically significant differences for each of the scores. So the total achievement was probably in here. But I took out some of it, and I probably took out the total achievement score.[order_button_c]