Write a message responding to the customer, denying his request for a new phone.

Assignment Question

Chapter 9 focuses on writing negative messages. Communicating negative information is a necessity for all business professionals, whether it is to deny a request, share unpleasant or unwelcome information, or issue a public appology.

Depending on the situation, you can have as many as five distinct goals: Give the bad news Ensure acceptance of the bad news Maintain reader’s goodwill Maintain organization’s good image Minimize or eliminate future correspondence on the matter Apply the principles that you learned to the following assignment.

Your company markets a line of rugged smartphone cases designed to protect the sensitive devices from drops, spills, and other common accidents. Your guarantee states that you will reimburse customers for the cost of a new phone if the case fails to protect it from any of the following: a drop of no more than 3 feet onto any surface spills of any beverage or common household chemical being crushed by any object of up to 100 pounds being chewed on by dogs, cats, or other common household pets Jack Simmons, a rancher from Wyoming, emailed your customer support staff, requesting a reimbursement after he dropped his iPhone in his hog barn and a 900-pound boar crushed it in a single bite.

Your task is to write a message responding to the customer, denying his request for a new phone. Since customers who make a claim tend to be emotionally involved, you should use the indrect approach (buffer, support, deny claim, respectful close).