Write a justification for why advanced critical care should be the focus of your essay rather than the fundamentals of medicine and surgery.

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MY NUMBER ASSIGNED WAS 1 WHICH IS: Pre-Renal & Post Failure Each student will be assigned a number randomly. Whatever your number is, select the corresponding topic below, then post a minimum of 5 bullet points about the topic. Your bullet points should address key components of the topic, such as what, how, who, & why. This information should not be basic things you learned in Med/Surg, but rather advanced critical care based. Think about this as a group effort to create a study guide. Use ONLY your textbook, but do not cut & paste from the book. Then create, find, or borrow a test style question about your topic & post at the bottom of your bullet points. The format needs to be multiple choice or select all that apply. Think NCLEX style.