Write a brief essay on Canvas outlining your design vision and how it influenced your decisions.

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For this assignment, you will be asked to create a cohesive design plan for one of the plays we’ve studied this semester. To do this, I will be asking you to scour the internet and create a pinboard of your design inspirations on our class Pinterest account. The email address for the account is LSSCTHE1000@gmail.com and the password is Fall2024. I have already created a board for each of you (which is labeled with your name), but you will be responsible for filling it with design images. When you are done, the board should contain all of the images necessary to convey your design plan. Please logout as soon as you are finished to avoid creating significant login problems for other students. Essentially, your job for this production is to think like a set designer and a costume designer. You need to determine what would be onstage if you were mounting the production. Are there walls or are you using a scenic backdrop? If there are walls, are they painted or wallpapered? What furniture would you need? What decorations? What clothes will your characters need? What will all of these things look like? Once you’ve answered all of these questions, it is your job to find pictures that represent your vision for each of these pieces and post them on pinterest. In order to receive full credit, you must post at least 25 images to your pinterest board. Then, you must submit a short essay via Canvas discussing your vision for the design and how it informed your choices. In order to receive full credit, this statement must be at least 300 thoughtful, proofread words. This is a creative project, and, as such, I encourage you to think creatively! While you are certainly welcome to design a traditional adaptation of your chosen play, please remember that you are under no obligation to do so. You can set your play in any time period, location, style, etc that you desire, so long as that choice is thoughtful and represented by your designs.