Write a 1200 word paper on an artist of your choice from the Art21 series. Differentiate between the processes and materials used in the production of various works of art.

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Assignment Question

Write a 1200 word paper on an artist of your choice from the Art21 series. This is close to a 4-5 page written text. Double spaced. 12pt size text. You cannot use a previous Art 21 artist from a Research Writing. Do not write on an artist you already wrote about! Go to the main Artists List for Art 21 site hereLinks to an external site. Watch several of the videos that are up for streaming. They are usually 5- 15 min. each. On the official site (link above in blue) you will see the current streaming videos on the top area of the opening page. You can also open ‘Artists’ to see all available. Find the CC (Close caption) for text if needed. Below is a great site which explains how to write an Artwork Analysis Paper . It can be helpful to understand the basic structure. Go here for information on how to write Artwork Analysis PaperLinks to an external site. Include two jpeg image attachments for the artist you choose. Total of 2 images attached to your Formal Analysis paper. You will need to hunt for 2 images from this artist to include (import them) to the body your writing.

Some things to think about as you write: 1. Name of the artist (of course) 2. Describe 1 or more artworks by your chosen Art 21 artist in detail. Be very descriptive. Describe its physical properties. Be objective, just the facts. What is there? 3. What subjects or concerns does the artist conceptually grapple with in these works your reviewing? 4. Describe the media (materials) the artist is utilizing in the works you are reviewing. Cite from our textbook several vocabulary terms and Bold them in your writing. 5. What does the artist wish the audience to understand? What is the overall meaning they feel they are giving us? Be as ‘objective’ as possible, keeping your personal feelings and judgments aside as you write this. That is the nature of a Formal Analysis paper. Just the facts, not your opinions, thoughts, or prejudices.