Which is addressed in a logical and systematic manner, while relying on the relevant primary sources (if relevant and available) and academic literature.

Short paper (1500 words, footnotes not included) about the topic that you/me selected The paper should have a clear question, which is addressed in a logical and systematic manner, while relying on the relevant primary sources (if relevant and available) and academic literature. The paper’s conclusion should not merely be a succinct summary of the paper but actually try to draw a conclusion in relation to the relevant broader issue(s) covered in our class(es) Guidelines for writing: Do not forget to add a title Letter font and font size: Times New Roman 12 or Calibri 12 Spacing between lines: 1.15 Make use of paragraphs and subheadings: to separate the introduction, to properly deal with different (sub) issues or questions, to separate the conclusion References: footnotes using OSCOLA. General rule no. 1: always refer to the pages / paragraphs that were actually consulted, not the entire article, book or judgment. General rule no. 2: use the footnotes only for referencing, not for further elaborating/writing on the topic You do not need a separate title page. Your paper starts with a simple title at the top of the first page and your name, and then your paper text immediately following (introduction, subtitles and paragraphs …) Regarding references: do not include a bibliography at the end of your paper. This is not necessary since all the required info about your references is already included in your footnotes Regarding the word count (1500 words): this count includes your title, name, subtitles, the body of your paper text. The word count does not include the footnotes. As long as you stay within a 100 words below or above the 1500 words limit, no points will be deducted. Under or above these limits (1400-1600) points will be deducted. Papers which contain a word count that is less than 1150 words will automatically be marked as a D+ (or less depending on the grading of the other criteria) Rubric for grading the short student paper (30% of the final grade) (on a scale of 100): Content: up to 55 points -Introduction: formulation of the facts surrounding the topic/legal concept under consideration, both from a theoretical and historical perspectives (15) -Discussion (40): systematic analysis of all major elements, reflection on the relation to relevant broader issues. In particular, discussion of the relevant legal concept in relation to questions of: 1) interpretation of legal sources; 2) of historical/geographical contextualisation; 3) of correct use of terminology and concepts in (international) legal theory; 4) critical reflection Structure: up to 20 points 1) Having a table of contents with subheadings as specified above, bibliography; 2) Logical composition; 3) Organized approach, including correct use of subheadings Language & style suitable for academic audience: up to 10 points Bibliography: up to 15 points 1) Accurate representation of the sources consulted; 2) Quality of sources used, citations and footnotes; 3) Use of OSCOLA for the references[order_button_b]