What might be the “draw” for teachers and principals to work there?

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1. For this 3-page assignment, please select a school district to examine. Note that this is for a Human Resource class specifically focused on school districts. It’s essential to cite sources from the attached book for this task. Ensure that references from the book are included when discussing the chosen school district.2. Locate a thriving school district online…one that demonstrates high teacher retention and has plenty of information online to draw from. Address the following prompts:a. How does the district market themselves? What might be the “draw” for teachers and principals to work there?b. What kinds of benefits and employee attraction do they offer? Are there progressive programs such as wellness, tuition reimbursement, or the 4 day work week that may attract and retain employees?c. Is the school district so successful that HR is having to work on the front end much at all to recruit and attract talent? Or, are they working behind the scenes to retain employees. How did you come to the conclusion you do?