What kind of examples are students using to support their overall concept of the presentation.

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Outline Guidelines Outline Guidelines The outline/information sheet you are creating is designed to organize you and your partner’s research/ideas being presented. Please include a title for your presentation. The title for the presentation can be different that the topic/subject you are presenting. The title can be anything you have decided that best describes the overall collection of information being shared. If your presentation is intended to have a more specific intention, then this can be reflected in the title. Each student is required to submit an outline/information sheet, however there will be a few responses at the bottom of the outline/information sheet for the individual student submitting. Outline example below: Title of the Presentation: The epic of gilgamesh Presentation Topic/Subject: (Please include subject or title your group is presenting) ____________________________________ Date: nov 2 Student Name: marry Student Name: Introduction (Any background information your audience needs to learn. The opening statement should reflect what you will be providing to the audience. A clear purpose of the parts of your presentation. Body: In what manner will the presentation support the topic? Are students using artwork, diagrams/images, text, maps, and /or computer-generated material?) (How many main ideas are students indicating in their discussion?) (What kind of examples are students using to support their overall concept of the presentation.) Conclusion. (A summarization of ideas or final thoughts revisiting the introduction or title of the presentation.) References: (Cite any artworks, images, referenced statements. Artist’s last name, first name, (era/culture, title of artwork. Date artworks created, name of institution or private collection (museums) housing artwork, city where it is located.)