What is the sociological question motivating the research?

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These papers must be at least five pages long (not including references or title page). This should be typed, 10- or 12-point font, and double-spaced. Keep standard margins. Remember to proofread and check for spelling and mechanical errors. Points may be deducted for any such errors. The following guideline should help you along your way. Paper Outline 1. The Research Question a. What is the sociological question motivating the research? b. What is significant about your question? c. What is your argument? 2. Literature Review a. How have others approached your question? b. What where their contributions regarding the findings? c. What theories and methods have been used? d. What questions are left to be asked? e. Did reading this literature shape the way you approach your question? f. Is it important that you ask your question in a different way? 3. Methods and Data a. How did you collect data? b. Did you code the data, looking for patterns and trends? c. Did these data help you answer your question? 4. Data Analysis a. What are your findings? b. What do the data tell you regarding your research question? c. Use your data to make your argument. d. Relate your findings back to the literature review. Is this something new? 5. Conclusion a. Sum up your findings. b. What is the significance of this work? c. Are there implications for future research? 6. References a. List all your sourcesl