What is the scope of marketing management in MBA?

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What is the scope of marketing management in MBA?A detailed description of the entire task is in the file (Task.docx). The assignment itself is to create an 8-10 minute video vlog, but which relies on a presentation. This presentation needs to be created. Of course, the recording of the video-vlog is my responsibility. “To support your vlog you should produce a PowerPoint slide deck of 12 slides maximum which contains the following:- Cover slide (Student ID, Name, YouTube vlog link) – It’s on me.- A maximum of three slides per concept- One slide demonstrating practice implications- One slide of references used” Total what I want from you:1 slide Introduction – Definition(s) of marketing with justification of the concepts chosen and company+3 slides per concept = +9+ 1 slide demonstrating practice implications+ 1 slide of references used (as I understood – topessaywriting provides it for free – because of this I indicated 11 slides in the order)= 12 slides What are concepts:These are the main topics from our first 6 lectures of the Marketing course. I attach the lectures (ppt) themselves in a .zip archive (Lectures.zip). The list of these lectures and topics is listed in the file Task.docx (Week 1. Introduction to marketing; Week 2. Marketing Environment and so on). You can choose any three concepts, but I have highlighted in green those concepts that are most appealing and understandable to me (Porter’s Five Forces; SWOT summary / analysis; Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Behaviour and so on) – it is better to choose three of them. You also need to choose any company to which these three concepts will apply. Also in the file (Task.docx) I have written 12 companies that I like and highlighted in green the most attractive ones for me. If you have a suggestion to choose another company – I am ready to discuss. There is also a section in the file – “three sample vlogs”. There are three links to youtube videos showing real work from previous years. Please watch them – you will have an idea of what kind of content you should get in the end. These are of course ready-made video vlogs, but they are all based on presentations. There is also a table with evaluation criteria at the end of the file. Please see what the teacher expects. My university uses the Harvard referencing system – I attach a file detailing the rules of this style in the context of my university. (Quote, Unquote complete guide.pdf), as “Many UK universities adapt it to their own style. LBU’s Harvard style is shown within Quote, Unquote and you are marked on this LBU style.” Please keep in mind that my knowledge of English is at the B2 level, so when completing the task, please do not use too complex words or expressions that may arouse suspicion on the part of the examiners – since they know my level of language proficiency. I am not a native English speaker.