What is the name of your business and why did you decide this name?

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At the end of this term, and based on what you have learned in the course, you are required to deliver a document containing answers to the following questions: What is the name of your business and why did you decide this name? Why did you choose this business? Can you give numbers/statistics? What is the scope of your business? International? Local and why? Who are your competitors? You should mention names, and give details about them. Do your competitors make risk on your business? Why? And why not? What is the SWOT analysis of your potential business? Do you need investors? Why? And why not? What is your plan in recruiting staff? Give details. What is the organization chart for your business? Give details. Are you planning to expand your business? How? And why? What is the forecasted supply chain for your business? Hints You can divide the document on sections and each section is associated with one question of the above, you can also add more sections to answer more questions, the more coverage of the business you make the more marks you will get. The document is expected to be not less than 4 pages. You can provide figures/draw photos to answer some questions. Students can work in groups with no more than three students in one group. You are required to give a presentation (15 mins) at week 10. More accurate date will be specified later on. All group members should take part in the presentation. Presentation will be in English. Five marks will be assigned to the presentation. Last date to submit this project is 18 Nov 2023 – 04:00pm. Groups Groups should consists of 2-3 students. Presentation Submission Deadline Penalties Presenting others work (including students) as your work, without appropriate references is defined as plagiarism. Penalties for late submission (deduction of 10% per business day). Total Grade Points Total grade point for this project is 15 marks (11 for the document and 4 for the presentation).