What is the aftermath of the moral panic?

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The promopt we are writting about is whether Witch craze is a moral panic or not. We are writing it in favor of yes it is a moral panic. Have to answer and incorporate with detail the questions below : What is the concern? Is there evidence of disproportionality? Is there evidence of hostility? Is there a consensus? To whom is the panic panic? Who or what is the fog devil? What is the collective response? What are the social conditions? What is the role of media? When and how does the moral panic end? What is the aftermath of the moral panic? Below is an attachment of what an A response will include. I need to refrence the book, which is the book “Moral panics” Second edition. By Erich Good and Nachman Ben-Yehuda. This book has a whole chapter on Witch craze in chapter 3 i believe. One other thing you must mention is the type of moral panic theory this is, which it is grassroots.