What is senior management’s job when it comes to the future of the company?

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use book 482630 9 hours ago You have learned what managers do and how ideas about management have evolved over time. You’ve also considered the fundamentals of planning, strategic management and decision-making. It is now time to apply your insights. You have been asked to provide guidance to the senior management of regional airline NORTHEASTERN. Here’s the scenario: When Frank Molino, COO of NORTHEASTERN, received McKinsey’s latest insights into the aerospace industry, he was delighted to read that “passenger travel demand … is developing more significantly within regions” (p. 5). NORTHEASTERN is a regional airline and therefore likely to benefit from the predicted increase in demand. After 20 successful years, the company is currently celebrating its anniversary and a great return to business after the difficult years during COVID. The COO shared the good new with Maria McDonald, the CEO. But while Molino was highlighting the good news in the report, McDonald was more concerned about the uncertainties the report mentions. The CEO thinks that now is the right time to revisit the vision, mission and values of the company to plan for the next five years. This will then allow the company to develop strategic plans that can address the uncertainties in travel demand that the report is highlighting. Maria McDonald decided that outside help should be sought to plan for the work ahead. She knows that not everyone is convinced that the company needs to spend time evaluating where it is going. Some members of management think that everything seems to be just fine. McDonald wants to organize a two-day offsite meeting for the senior management team to review the current status of the company, discuss and decide the future direction, and make plans for the future. You have been asked to provide guidance as to how the group should spend the two days away from the office. Take some of the concepts that are explained in the textbook regarding strategic planning and that we have discussed in class and apply them to the situation at hand. Using the frameworks and theories, clarify what senior management should focus on. Use the following questions to guide your analysis and report: What is senior management’s job when it comes to the future of the company? What challenges is the company facing? Can a systems view help address some of the challenges? If so, how? What framework should the company use to develop its strategic plan for the next five years? As they are meeting and discussing options, how should they go about deciding what to do? Is there anything they should be worried about in their decision-making process? Once the plan has been developed, what are the next steps? How can the senior management team ensure that the plan is implemented successfully? Make assumptions where you think they are needed, and be explicit about them in your text. Use our textbook to ground your report. Use additional sources where you want to go into detail. Remember, you are not solving the company’s issues. Instead, you are setting them up for success by helping them think through the planning process. Write your report professionally, using professional language. Use in-text citations to refer to the textbook and other sources, and include a list of references at the end. Write an analysis of 1800 words (+/- 10%). Submit a Word document. Do your own work. Similarity should be less than 20%. Use the rubric for more guidance.