What advantages might mentorship or a group of peers provide for a leader?

Watch the videos linked below. In your initial discussion post, answer the following questions: As a leader, do you think vulnerability indicates weakness? How does Brene Brown define vulnerability and how does she equate that definition to leadership? Do you agree with her? Why or why not? What value does having a mentor or peer group have for a leader? Dr. Brown suggests that leaders “create a culture where discomfort is normal”. Describe an example(s) of how a leader might do that. Do you agree with her assertion “If you’re comfortable – I’m not teaching” and her follow-up comment that constructive feedback between people should be uncomfortable? Why or why not? https://www.inc.com/kimberly-weisul-and-andrew-maclean/dr-brene-brown-vulnerability-leadership.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEnqV_M_Dm4[order_button_a]