Web design and development-You are required to create a web site which runs on a server. Your web site should be interactive and contain the following features.

Assignment Question

 Scenario Your web design company is bidding for the contract for an online ordering and door-to-door food delivery service. The customer creates an account and logs into the site to order one or more products. ne to fall within the remit of this module, is to produce a working prototype to show the customer. Should the customer accept your convincing proposal, they will award the contract to complete the site. In your design you will certainly consider the customer’s user interface and make it usable and professional-looking. Assignment 4. Part Two (60% of the module marks, submitted near the end of the trimester) This part accounts for 60% of the total module marks. It involves the creation and deployment of a working interactive web site. During this work, if you want, you may use a publicly available framework, such as w3.css or Bootstrap. However, you are not allowed to use content management system such as WordPress or Joomla, or website templates or any web applications frameworks such as Laraval or Symfony. In this part, the following tasks are required.

1. You are required to create a web site which runs on a server. Your web site should be interactive and contain the following features. The total marks for this question will be distributed against the follow features:

• At least three web pages

• Client-side form validation

• User account creation

• Login and password authentication

• PHP sessions and session storage

• CRUD (create, read, update, delete) database functionality.

• Your code is to validate against the W3C HTML5 document type definition and CSS definition.

• Your written report is to contain details of URLs, login names and passwords needed to access your site. (40 marks)

2. For this coursework you have produced an interactive prototype, designed to help show the client what the site could be like. Nevertheless, there will be more work to do before the site goes live and starts accepting real orders. Your written report must now outline that extra work needed to make your current interactive prototype into a working professional web site. You will be marked on the quantity, detail, and clarity of your requirements. (500 words max., 10 marks)

3. Your written report must contain a reflection on your work for this module, outlining what you have learned about web design. Mark will be awarded for the number and quality of insights. (500 words max., 10 marks) 4. There will be no coursework demonstration. Instead, you are asked to self-report your achievements in code-writing. Please copy and paste this self-marking grid into your written coursework and fill it in to tell us what you have achieved.