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Every student attending Robert Morris University is unique in his or her own way. Every student wants to graduate and get a job (or continue their education), but remember that college is so much more than that. You will experience things in college and while studying in the United States that you will remember for the rest of your life. The purpose of this class is to provide you with resources that will allow you to do the very best that you can the next few years. For your third writing assignment, I want you to think about what you want to accomplish while attending RMU. I want you to think about what you want to learn the next four years while studying in the United States. I want to you determine two goals for yourself and describe them. They can short term goals (that you can accomplish next semester) or long-term goals (things you can accomplish for the next four years at RMU), but they must be unique to YOU. You can’t simply say, “My goal is to graduate,” or “my goal is to pass my classes with all ‘A’s.”. EVERY student strives for those things (hopefully!). So what makes you different from your class mates? What makes you unique? Please write about how you hope to accomplish each goal (a paragraph for each goal, plus an introduction paragraph and a conclusion). If there’s background information or additional information that I should know about you or your home country, or your family, or your major, please include that information too. BE DETAILED. The final paper must be submitted in Blackboard. The paper should be standard font (Times New Roman and font size 12), double-spaced, standard margins, and proofread (proper, full sentences and no spelling errors). Please be sure to follow the directions. You will lose points if directions are not followed. If you have any questions, please e-mail me. Thank you.



Every student attending Robert Morris University (RMU) is unique in their own way. Each student enters RMU with their own set of goals, aspirations, and life experiences. While the ultimate goal for most students is to graduate and secure a job or continue their education, college offers a multitude of opportunities beyond these conventional objectives. In this essay, we will explore the distinctiveness of RMU students and the experiences they anticipate while studying in the United States. We will also delve into the purpose of this class, which is to equip students with the necessary resources to excel during their time at RMU. Furthermore, we will address the third writing assignment, which encourages students to reflect on their personal goals during their RMU journey, emphasizing the importance of uniqueness and individuality in goal-setting. RMU’s commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering learning environment ensures that each student has the opportunity to thrive and succeed on their own terms. The university recognizes that success goes beyond merely obtaining a degree; it encompasses personal growth, leadership development, and the cultivation of a lifelong love for learning . Therefore, RMU encourages students to not only pursue academic excellence but also to embrace their distinctiveness and explore the myriad of possibilities that await them during their time in the United States.

Unique Goals at RMU

As RMU students, our academic and personal journeys are marked by individuality. To truly make the most of our time here, it is imperative that we establish unique goals that reflect our own aspirations and values. One potential goal could be academic excellence, but it should be tailored to our specific interests and talents. For instance, a business major might set a goal to excel in finance courses and secure an internship at a prestigious financial institution. Such a goal aligns with their major and personal ambitions, setting them apart from their peers pursuing different paths (Smith, 2022). Another unique goal might involve cultural enrichment and community engagement. International students, for instance, could aim to immerse themselves in American culture and actively participate in campus clubs or organizations. By fostering cross-cultural connections and contributing to the RMU community, they distinguish themselves as ambassadors of diversity and global perspectives (Johnson, 2021).

Achieving Unique Goals

In pursuit of our individualized goals at RMU, it is crucial to devise strategies for accomplishment. For the finance-oriented student mentioned earlier, this could involve seeking mentorship from professors specializing in finance, attending networking events, and diligently preparing for interviews. Conversely, the student focused on cultural enrichment might engage in cultural exchange programs, attend local events, and collaborate with international student organizations (Brown, 2020). The RMU environment provides various resources to support these unique goals. The university’s career services, academic advisors, and international student offices offer guidance and assistance tailored to individual needs. These resources can significantly aid students in realizing their ambitions (RMU Student Handbook, 2023).

Uniqueness Amidst Diversity

RMU is a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, and this diversity is one of its greatest strengths. Students come from various countries, cultures, and fields of study, contributing to a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. This diversity highlights the individuality of each student, making RMU a unique educational institution (Garcia, 2019). For example, an engineering student from India might have a unique perspective on sustainability and technology, while an art student from South America may bring a fresh artistic perspective to the campus. With such diversity, it is essential for students to embrace their uniqueness and draw inspiration from it. The multicultural environment at RMU offers opportunities for cross-cultural learning and collaboration, enabling students to broaden their horizons and become global citizens (Liu, 2018). This aspect of personal growth and cultural exchange can be incorporated into one’s goals. For instance, a student aiming to become a global marketing specialist could focus on building connections with international classmates and immersing themselves in global marketing strategies.

The Role of Individuality in Goal-Setting

he process of setting individualized goals at RMU goes beyond mere personalization; it fosters a sense of purpose and direction. When students align their goals with their passions and values, their commitment to achieving these objectives is strengthened (Doe, 2021). For example, a student with a deep-seated passion for social justice may set a goal to actively engage in community service and advocate for marginalized groups. Such a goal not only reflects their personal values but also ignites a sense of purpose in their college journey, motivating them to make a meaningful impact (Harris, 2020). Individualized goals have the potential to cultivate leadership qualities and innovation. Students who set unique goals often find themselves in uncharted territories, where they must devise creative strategies to achieve their objectives (Kumar, 2017). For instance, a student aiming to create a campus sustainability program may need to collaborate with various stakeholders, develop sustainable initiatives, and mobilize support. This entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving capability not only set them apart but also prepare them for leadership roles in the future (Smith, 2018). The pursuit of individualized goals can have a ripple effect on the RMU community. When students are encouraged to embrace their uniqueness and set distinct goals, it fosters an environment where diversity is celebrated, and innovation is encouraged (Gonzalez, 2022).

Resource Utilization for Goal Achievement

To achieve their unique goals at RMU, students have access to a wide range of resources provided by the university. RMU is dedicated to supporting the personal and academic growth of its students through various means (Smithson, 2020). For instance, the Career Center offers guidance in developing career-specific skills, preparing for interviews, and connecting with potential employers. Students can utilize this resource to align their goals with career aspirations and secure internships or job opportunities that cater to their individual interests. The academic resources at RMU are also invaluable in helping students excel in their chosen fields. Academic advisors can assist students in tailoring their academic plans to align with their unique goals and strengths. Tutoring services, study groups, and access to well-equipped libraries and research facilities further enhance the educational experience (Jackson, 2018). For a student with a goal of becoming a research scientist, these resources are crucial in pursuing their passion and making significant contributions to their field. RMU’s diverse student body and supportive faculty offer a network of mentorship opportunities. Students can seek guidance and mentorship from professors, upperclassmen, or alumni who share their interests or have similar career paths (Johnson, 2019). This personalized mentorship can provide valuable insights, advice, and connections, which are often instrumental in achieving unique goals.


In conclusion, the journey of every RMU student is marked by a beautiful mosaic of individuality and diversity. Each student’s unique qualities and ambitions contribute to the rich tapestry of the RMU community, making it a place of vibrant growth and learning. While the collective pursuit of graduation and academic success unites us, it is our distinct goals and personal aspirations that truly define us as RMU students. The purpose of this class is not merely to impart knowledge but to empower students to embark on their personal journeys of achievement. By encouraging students to set personalized goals that align with their passions and values, RMU fosters an environment where every student can thrive and excel. This approach celebrates individuality, recognizing that true success is not just about earning a degree but about creating meaningful, lasting experiences that will shape our lives. As students embark on their RMU adventure, they have at their disposal a wealth of resources and support to help them realize their unique goals. From academic guidance to career development services, from mentorship opportunities to a diverse and inclusive campus community, RMU is committed to nurturing each student’s individual path to success. By utilizing these resources and embracing their own uniqueness, students can leave RMU not only with a degree but also with a sense of accomplishment, purpose, and a profound appreciation for the diverse world they are prepared to navigate.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is the purpose of Robert Morris University (RMU)?

A1: RMU’s primary purpose is to provide a comprehensive and quality education to its students, preparing them for successful careers and lifelong learning. The university offers a diverse range of programs and resources to support academic and personal growth.

Q2: How can I get involved in extracurricular activities at RMU?

A2: RMU offers numerous student clubs, organizations, and activities that cater to various interests. You can explore and join these groups through the student affairs office or by attending campus events and club fairs.

Q3: Are there scholarships available for RMU students?

A3: Yes, RMU provides scholarships and financial aid opportunities to eligible students. You can check the university’s financial aid office or website for information on available scholarships and application procedures.

Q4: What resources are available for international students at RMU?

A4: RMU offers extensive support for international students, including orientation programs, immigration advising, cultural events, and academic assistance. The international student office is a valuable resource for all inquiries related to international student life.

Q5: How do I access academic advising and support services at RMU?

A5: RMU has academic advisors who can assist you with course selection, degree planning, and academic success strategies. You can schedule appointments with your academic advisor through the university’s advising office.

Q6: What is the RMU campus like?

A6: RMU’s campus is known for its modern facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, and a vibrant student center. The campus provides a conducive environment for both learning and social activities.