Consider contemporary media representations of historically marginalized groups, and provide one negative example and one positive example.

Assignment Question “The documentary 13th addresses social inequality that is rampant in the United States criminal justice system. The documentary outlines some of the ways racial inequality has been socially constructed and maintained over the decades, from the 18th century to the present. One of the ways this inequality is maintained is through media representation, … Read more

Promoting Equity and Equal Opportunity: A Comprehensive Policy Approach for Fair Vendor Competition

Introduction In today’s world, the concepts of equality and equity are central to discussions about social justice and fairness. While both ideas aim to ensure just treatment for individuals and groups, they differ in their approaches. Equality advocates for treating everyone the same, assuming that equal opportunities will lead to equitable outcomes. In contrast, equity … Read more

Understanding Sociological Concepts: Social Facts, Looking Glass Self, Race as a Social Construct, Deviance, and Modern Thought

Introduction Sociology examines social phenomena through various theoretical concepts. This essay will discuss five important sociological concepts: social facts, the looking glass self, race as a social construct, deviance, and premodern, modern, and postmodern thought. Social Facts Social facts are objective features of society, including norms, values, beliefs, and social structures. They exert social control … Read more