Review the following list that broadly describes six practice areas of HRM. Would you consider an assignment in HRM as part of your career?

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Respond to the classmate’s post. Careers In HR? Any healthcare organization’s success is reliant on the quality of its professional and supporting staff. As such Human Resource Management (HRM) is a large component of the overall management in Healthcare systems. Review the following list that broadly describes six practice areas of HRM. Would you consider an assignment in HRM as part of your career? In which practice area are you most interested? Why? Find a current article related to the area of practice that you chose and provide a short summary of the article and cite in APA style.

Finally, respond and comment on the posts of 3 classmates. HRM Practices • Job Analysis and job design- the process of getting detailed information about jobs. This area might include writing job descriptions and making decisions about what tasks should be grouped into a particular job/position. • Recruitment – the process through which the organization. seeks applicants This area could include the use of various recruiting strategies. • Training – a planned effort to facilitate learning of job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior. This area might include research regarding what is needed as well as the best possilbe strategies for implementation as well as measurement. • Selection – identifying the applicants with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and ability. This area might include processes • Development – the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and behavior that improves employees’ ability to meet the challenges of future jobs. • Performance management – helps ensure that employees’ activities and outcomes are congruent with theo rganization’s objectives, including how to measure and processes to deal with poor performance, including termination determination and processes to terminate. • Pay structure, incentives, and benefits. • Labor and employee relations. classmate post #1 Manage Discussion Entry I am not entirely sure if a career in Human Resource Management (HRM) is the right path for me, but I am definitely open to considering it in the future. I have worked in military logistics for a number of years and am currently exploring other career options. A career in HR healthcare can be highly beneficial for those who are passionate about development. HR healthcare professionals can help to develop and nurture employees by providing learning opportunities, such as training programs and career development plans. These initiatives can help employees to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviors that will enable them to meet future job challenges with confidence. By empowering employees to grow and develop, HR healthcare professionals can contribute to the overall success of the healthcare organization. HR development in healthcare can benefit both individuals and organizations in a number of ways. It can promote continuous learning, enhance employee satisfaction, improve patient care, facilitate adaptation to industry changes, ensure succession planning, increase employee engagement, support strategic alignment, reduce legal issues, and enhance organizational reputation. By investing in the development of healthcare professionals, organizations can retain talented employees, enhance skills and knowledge, and improve overall effectiveness. Link below discusses the importance of professional development in attracting and retaining talent due to labor shortages. Professional development empowers employees with new skills and knowledge, leading to better performance, job satisfaction, and innovation. It also helps employers to have a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce, become more efficient and competitive, and retain top talent. The article also explains the different types of professional development activities and how they benefit both employees and employers. Lastly, it highlights six ways in which professional development can boost engagement among employees. Martech, A. (2023, March 6). How professional development can boost employee engagement – Wharton Online. Wharton Online.

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Manage Discussion Entry I don’t think I would consider HRM as part of my career, they deal with so many issues I think I would get overwhelmed. If I had to choose a practice area it would be recruitment. I would choose this area because as a former collegiate volleyball player I know a little bit about recruitment. As a player we would have to analyze incoming players to see if they were a good fit for the team as well as spark their interest in our program. I think those strategies would help me be an effective recruiter. For a considerable amount of time, human resources departments have welcomed the use of technology to apply game-thinking in order to choose employees from among eligible candidates and to attract potential applicants to apply for open positions. The use of game-thinking to employee recruitment and selection. Organizations are adopting serious games, game-inspired design, game-like simulations, and gamification to enhance recruitment and selection operations. This article presents the state of research on game-thinking for recruitment and selection, including theoretical underpinnings, targeted objectives, and game design components explored or discussed within this literature, based on the analysis of 35 works on the topic. This article highlights opportunities for future study on game-thinking in recruiting and selection based on our systematic evaluation of the literature. Bina, S., Mullins, J., & Petter, S. (2021). Examining game-based approaches in human resources recruitment and selection: A Literature Review and Research Agenda. Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.