Research Question: List your actual revised RQ Background Description Addressing Importance of Topic (supported by at least one reference to a credible source

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Assignments Week 2: Research Question Exercise Week 2: Research Question Exercise Hide Assignment Information Turnitin™ This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.

Week 2 Assignment Instructions: Write a Research Question and Conduct Preliminary Research We begin by developing a research question. You will use this research question throughout this course. For this assignment, begin by providing the following: Your proposed Research Question — phrased in the form of a question that addresses as many of the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) as necessary to make it specific enough to be suitable for a research project of approximately five pages in length (by the time you have completed the final paper at the end of the course) Stated in the form of a single, clearly worded, open-ended question that is not able to be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” response Need to be stated qualitatively, so you are able to present an argument support it and also so that it enables you to craft a Hypothesis that provides a direct response to it For example, “The primary research question that this paper will seek to answer is: What were the three most effective elements of the Mongol’s strategy during their invasions of central Europe, 1237-1260 AD?” One paragraph providing some background about the topic to explain why it is important enough to research. One paragraph addressing why you are personally interested in this particular topic (so I can get a better understanding of your reason for selecting it). You are now ready to begin searching for credible/scholarly sources of information/evidence for your topic. Begin by going to the APUS online library and conduct a search for articles in peer-reviewed, academic journals or books about your topic. You can access the Library from the Classroom by selecting Library on the left vertical toolbar. Navigate the online databases and conduct a search based on keywords relating to your topic. (Note: When you use the APUS library site, you must sign-in with your student account information). You must search the APUS Library for this assignment, and you are welcome to search elsewhere is you so desire (but there is no requirement or additional credit for doing so).

Choose two (2) credible/scholarly sources of information/evidence (i.e., books and/or articles) pertinent to your topic and provide a complete citation for each of these sources using APA format. For this assignment, you need to address this aspect by providing the following information: Provide one paragraph explaining the specific search method you used to locate credible/scholarly sources of information about your topic Identify which specific databases you searched; for example the APUS library (must search here); Google Scholar (also a good source) Identify the specific search terms you used in your search of the APUS Library and/or other credible databases. Another essential element of your search method is stating explicitly that you have restricted your search to credible and/or scholarly sources (as required in this course) to ensure all of your information/evidence is credible. Provide complete citations for each of the two (2) credible/scholarly sources of information/evidence you selected using APA format.

Technical Requirements Your paper must be at a minimum of 1-1 ½ pages (the Title page does not count towards the minimum limit) All AMU assignments must include a Title page with the following information: Course number and title; assignment/paper title; date; instructor’s name Format the body of this paper using the following subheadings: Research Question: List your actual revised RQ Background Description Addressing Importance of Topic (supported by at least one reference to a credible source (for practice and as a matter of good scholarship): Background Description Addressing Personal Interest in Topic (support not needed, since this relates to your own personal interest in the topic): Search Location(s) and Terms: The two sources you identify must be credible and/or scholarly. Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space. Use the current APA Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework.