Make a recommendation letter from your paediatrics doctor (MD),who already agreed to be your referee.

Assignment Question

Assume you are an Indonesian undergraduate medical student, who is currently doing his last few months of clinical rotations, and planning on applying to a masters program called ‘Advanced paediatrics child health’ in University College London in the UK.

Task: Make a recommendation letter from your paediatrics doctor (MD),who already agreed to be your referee.

Use the information provided: A brief story, he is a paediatrics hemato-oncology doctor who tutored and taught me about hemato oncology during my paediatrics rotation in RSUD Banyumas (a hospital). We both share the same perspectives on the subject of paediatrics and spent a huge amount of time talking about the current state paediatrics in Indonesia. I, myself, aspire to also do research, apply to the paedicatrics residency program, and become a Indonesian paediatrician in the future. The reason on why I would want to take this post graduate program is to further enrich my knowledge regarding the paediatrics discipline outside Indonesia and bring the important stuff back to Indonesia. And to ehance my CV in order to apply to the paediatrics residency program in Indonesia. I would also like you to point out my ‘ideal’ attributes/characteristics in becoming a graduate student such as: – research skills – familiarity with research process: I was a part of the research team who observed the delays in the presentation of breast cancer patients in Indonesia. – well-organized and reliable – Adaptability – shown through my clinical rotations in different hospitals with different professors/doctors – proactiveness – during lecture discussions and tutorial discussions – ability to work in a team and communication skills – shown during the tutorial classes with other medical student members I would like to point out that the reason behind this, is that I feel like if I were to make the recommendation letter myself, the vocabulary and the writing technique would be similar to my own personal statement. And would later cause issues to the postgraduate admissions team.