Locating Credible Databases and Research-Describe your role as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse supervising clinical staff nurses with regard to communication and collaboration in locating evidence for application to a nursing practice scenario.

Assignment Question

Create a 2-4 page resource that will describe databases that are relevant to EBP around one of the diagnoses below and could be used to help a new hire nurse better engage in EBP. Before you complete the instructions detailed in the courseroom, first select one of the diagnoses below.

• Cholecystitis: Inflammation of the gallbladder, often due to gallstones blocking the ducts. o Interventions: Pain management, dietary modifications, antibiotics, and possible cholecystectomy. o Keywords: Gallstones, biliary colic, gallbladder inflammation, laparoscopic surgery, bile duct.

• Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): A gradual loss of kidney function over time. o Interventions: Dietary modifications, blood pressure control, dialysis, and patient education on medication management. o Keywords: End-stage renal disease, nephropathy, proteinuria, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis.

• Acute Pancreatitis: Inflammation of the pancreas that occurs suddenly and usually resolves in a few days with treatment. o Interventions: Pain management, dietary restrictions, IV fluids, and monitoring of pancreatic enzymes.

o Keywords: Pancreatic inflammation, amylase, lipase, gallstone pancreatitis, alcohol-induced pancreatitis.

You are supervising three nurses working on the medical-surgical floor of a local teaching hospital. This hospital is nationally recognized as a leader in education and has a computer lab with an online library where staff has access to medical research databases (that is, CINAHL, PubMed, Medline, and Cochrane library) and online sources of all hospital policies, procedures, and guidelines, and computers at nurse workstations that also have access to these resources. (For this scenario, use the Capella University Library to simulate the hospital’s online library.) You have given the nurses their patient assignments and you have all participated in shift report. A new nurse who just completed orientation and training a week ago approaches you and tells you that one of the assigned patients has a diagnosis he or she is very unfamiliar with. Knowing that patient-centered care based on best practices is imperative to positive patient outcomes, you want to assist this nurse to find research that can be utilized to provide the best care for this patient.

Describe how you would communicate with this nurse to encourage him or her to research the diagnosis. Assume you will assist in the quest to locate evidence, then describe where you would go within the facility and what resources you would look for. These resources may include websites, journals, facility policies or guidelines, or any other sources of online information.

Create a list of at least five sources that could be used to find evidence, with the best source listed first, and explain why the sources you chose are best to find evidence for the diagnosis you chose and the clinical scenario.

You are only evaluating the sources of evidence (database, website, policy database or website, journal article, et cetera). You are not actually completing a search and selecting evidence. Consider the following examples: a nursing journal in CINAHL may not be the best source of evidence for information on how to administer medications through a central-venous catheter, whereas a hospital policy database found on a website may not be the best source of information on caring for a patient with a rare chromosomal abnormality.

For this assessment: Describe your role as a baccalaureate-prepared nurse supervising clinical staff nurses with regard to communication and collaboration in locating evidence for application to a nursing practice scenario. Compile a list of five online databases or other online sources (that is, websites, journals, facility policies or guidelines, et cetera) that can be used to research evidence to apply to the diagnosis in this scenario and describe to which of these you would direct a nurse colleague to search for evidence.

Describe where you might go in the work place to complete this research and how you would access the desired, relevant research within research databases or other online sources. Be sure to address the following in this assessment, which correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Study the scoring guide carefully so that you will know what is needed for a distinguished score.

Describe communication strategies to encourage nurses to research the diagnosis/practice issue, as well as strategies to collaborate with the nurses to access resources. Describe the best places to complete research and what types of resources you would want to access to find pertinent information for the diagnosis/health care issue within the context of a specific health care setting.

Identify five sources of online information (medical journal databases, websites, hospital policy databases, et cetera) that could be used to locate evidence for a clinical diagnosis/practice issue. Explain why the sources of online information selected should provide the best evidence for the chosen diagnosis/health care issue. Communicate using writing that is clear, logical, and professional with correct grammar and spelling using current APA style.