In this section, clearly state the issue and context. When thinking about context you should consider: (1) what is happening, (2) how long it has been happening, (3) where it is happening, and (4) who is affected. You should explain the causes and effect of the issue.

Assignment Question

Policy Brief Prompt There are a number of issues faced by Americans today from access to affordable healthcare and medication to mass shootings to climate change. The scope of these issues and the people that are affected can range from a particular group of individuals to the entire U.S. population. Policy makers – usually legislators and bureaucratic agencies – are often tasked with creating solutions to these problems, however, there are usually multiple possible solutions where policy makers have to weigh out the pros and cons. Policy briefs can be one way of helping inform and persuade policy makers on which policy is best to alleviate or resolve a given issue. The goal of this policy brief is to give detailed information about a problem, provide an analysis of possible policy solutions and then give a specific policy recommendation. This policy brief should be written like you are presenting it to a policy-making audience. The following are the possible policy areas you can choose from for this assignment: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Opioid Crisis Education Social Welfare Prisons/Corrections Energy Environment/Climate Change Immigration Cyber Security Mass Shooting and Gun Control Tariffs and Trade Agreements Federal Minimum Wage Social Security If there is a policy area that you are interested in writing your paper about that is not listed above you must get it approved by sending an email to Dr. Carey and your recitation teacher with the topic and short explanation for why this is an important issue in American politics before December 1st at 11:59pm. The following are detailed instructions on format and information that you will include in your policy brief: Cover Page This should include the title of your policy brief and an executive summary of the issue and your findings. Your title should clearly communicate your topic and position. The title should be short (no more than 10-12 words), catchy, and most of all to the point. The executive summary should be 2-3 sentences (or 2-3 bullet points) to communicate the overall problem and policy recommendation of the brief. Brief Introduction: This should be one to two paragraph that introduces and summaries the problem and your policy recommendation. Your introductory paragraph should not only introduce the problem but also describe why it is important and why the reader should do something about it. Context and Scope of the Problem: In this section, clearly state the issue and context. When thinking about context you should consider: (1) what is happening, (2) how long it has been happening, (3) where it is happening, and (4) who is affected. You should explain the causes and effect of the issue. Be sure to provide evidence and/or examples. Possible Policy Solutions: In this section, identify and explain the possible policy solutions to the issue you have described above. This can include past and current policy solutions and new policy solutions. For each potential policy explain: (1) the specific terms of the policy, (2) who will be affected by the policy, (2) how the policy solves the issue, (3) the strengths of the policy, and (4) the drawbacks to the policy. If using are discussing policies used to address this issue in other states or countries, make sure that you explain the differences between the affected populations in that state/country and how the policy would have to be changed to properly alleviate the issue and be implemented in the state you are considering in your policy brief. Policy Recommendations: In this section you will make a recommendation for what policy should be used to address the issue and explain why this is the best of the possible policy solutions. Recommendations should be clearly drawn from policy analysis in previous section. In addition, you should include a discussion of how to implement your policy recommendation and discuss possible issues with implementation. Appendix (if applicable) You can include an appendix but remember that policy briefs are supposed to be succinct. References Include citations of the sources your referenced in your brief. (APA format). Additional Considerations: Do not assume that your audience has in-depth knowledge of the problem or policy solutions that you are going presenting in the brief. Avoid jargon, as your reader may not be familiar with the terminology used in practice. Your recommendation should be practical and feasible. Your recommendation should not just be at the end. Make sure to include it in the executive summary, introduction, and recommendation section. Policy briefs should not include your personal beliefs or opinions. Therefore, a policy brief should be written using a neutral language/tone. Citation must be used to justify your analyses and final policy recommendation. General Guidelines: Assignments must be double spaced, Times New Roman size 12 font, with 1-inch margin. This assignment should be between 5 and 6 pages in length (not including citations). Include in-text citations and a references section at the end of your paper.