Identify your chosen business leader’s attributes in terms of traits, motives, and behaviors that qualify him as a charismatic or transformational leader.

BUS 207 LEADERSHIP AND SUPERVISION TERM PROJECT: Virtual Presentation PURPOSE: To provide the student with an opportunity to apply knowledge of leadership and supervision in researching their favorite great business leader while developing that great student leader. INSTRUCTIONS: Use the following outline as a guide in developing your presentation For this term project, you will choose any Fortune 500 business leader of choice to research and analyze his or her application of the various leadership and supervision concept learned in our course. The length of the presentation should be a minimum of 10 minutes. The project should be in in a Power Point and you must present it virtually through Screencastomatic or a ZOOM recording. DO NOT USE GOOGLE DRIVE Also, if there is a password associated with your presentation, please ensure it is sent with the link. STEP ONE: CHOOSE a business leader you would like to profile. (INTRODUCTION) The very first step in this process is to CHOOSE a leader you would like to profile. You may choose any business leader from the fortune 500 firms as long as they inspire you somehow, and as long as you can tell your audience WHY they encourage you. You must provide more research and analysis than we covered in class and your text. Here are some questions I would like for you to keep in mind as you complete this step: • • • • Who and what is the background of the business leader you have chosen? Why have you decided to profile this business leader? Explain. What leadership abilities have they demonstrated throughout their business life? Are you passionate about this leader’s goals/aims? Explain. STEP TWO: RESEARCH your Business leader. (DISCUSSION) Now that you have chosen a leader to profile, I want you to RESEARCH their business life to discover a little more about them. This is particularly important because it informs us exactly what kind of a business leader they are. Here are some CRITICAL ANALYSIS questions that your term paper must attempt to answer. • Identify your chosen business leader’s attributes in terms of traits, motives, and behaviors that qualify him as a charismatic or transformational leader. Explain and give examples. • How would you classify your chosen business leaders, leadership behavior, and styles? Explain and provide examples. • Does your chosen business leader exhibit and practice ethical and more leadership in his or her business life. Explain and provide examples • Is your chosen leader an influential leader? What type of power does he/she possess?. What tactics did your business leader use in becoming an empowering leader? Explain and provide examples. • Feel free to add and answer more questions other than those listed above to showcase your chosen leader’s correct leadership profile. • • What three things make your business leader a FANTASTIC leader? What three things might people CRITICIZE or CONDEMN in this person’s leadership ability? What do you think is the greatest obstacle this person has had to overcome in their life? Using only one word, how would you summarize the leadership ability of this person? • • STEP THREE: Conclusion Discuss your summary of the research you have undertaken, highlighting what you have learned from your chosen business leader to make you become that great student leader.[order_button_a]