Identify which chi-square test you used and which program or procedure you used for the analysis. Describe the procedure you used to calculate the chi-square.

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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapter 10 in your course textbook, pages 109 to 120 in Chapter 7 of the Jarman (2013) e-book, and the Week 2 Instructor Guidance. Also, review The Chi-Square Test: Often Used and More Often MisinterpretedLinks to an external site. and The Chi-Square Test of IndependenceLinks to an external site. articles Also, review the Two-Way Tables: Against All Odds – Inside StatisticsLinks to an external site., Chi-Square: Lecture 11Links to an external site., Chi-Square Tests: Crash Course Statistics #29Links to an external site., and Chi-Square Test for Association (Independence) | AP Statistics | Khan AcademyLinks to an external site. videos; and review the How to Chi-Square TestLinks to an external site. and How to Interpret Chi-SquaredLinks to an external site. web articles. Also, complete the Week 2 learning activity and Week 2 weekly review. Your instructor will post an announcement with the scenario and data set for your Week 2 assignment. For the calculations in this assignment, you may use either Excel or the free VassarStats: Website for Statistical ComputationLinks to an external site. program online. Instructions for performing a chi-square test of independence in Excel are included in Section 10.4 of the textbook, accompanied by a screencast demonstrating the process in the electronic version. Screencasts showing how to do a chi-square goodness-of-fit test and a chi-square test of independence in VassarStats are included in the Week 2 learning activity, which you may review at any time. For this test, you may prefer VassarStatsLinks to an external site. because it is more automated than Excel.

You also have the option of calculating the chi-square manually but if you choose this option, you must show your work and explain all of the steps taken to solve for the chi-square value and to determine statistical significance. In your paper, begin with a paragraph introducing the scenario and explaining why a chi-square test is needed for the situation. Then, address the following: Identify which chi-square test you used and which program or procedure you used for the analysis. Describe the procedure you used to calculate the chi-square. If using VassarStatsLinks to an external site., copy and paste the data entry area and output into your paper. If using Excel, submit the Excel spreadsheet separately and mention in your paper that the spreadsheet is attached. If using hand calculations, include a table showing the observed and expected frequencies, along with the row and column totals and chi-square calculations. Report the chi-square value, degrees of freedom, and the p Explain how you determined the p Is the result statistically significant? If the test is a chi-square test of independence with a statistically significant result, report the effect size using Cramér’s V. Explain the meaning of the results in terms of the scenario. Discuss any assumptions, limitations, and implications associated with the situation and analysis. Summarize the main points of the paper in a concluding paragraph. The Chi-Square Data Analysis paper Must be two to three double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA StyleLinks to an external site. resource.