Identify an organization or group that is doing the “prescriiptive” work of Black Studies in the world today.

Assignment Question

There are Three parts for the essay, 1. read the poet and activist Alexis Pauline Gumbs’ “Freedom Seeds: Growing Abolition in Durham, North Carolina.” Taking inspiration from her essay, identify an organization or group that is doing the “prescriiptive” work of Black Studies in the world today.

That is, local, national, and/or global activist work that is combatting systems of oppression and striving to build a just world. The hope – though not a requirement – is that you might join and/or contribute to this work in some capacity after the course ends. The task is simple: Write a 500–700-word descriiption of why the work done by the organization or group you have chosen matters to you and how it relates to Black Studies. Also, answer the questions on the following page.

You may have to do a little digging but do your best. 2.Please provide detailed answers to the following questions: Name of organization or group: What is the website address (if they have one)? What are the social media handles (if they have any)? How did you find it? What is the primary goal or mission of the group? What are the primary means to achieve that goal? (e.g., policy? direct action? social media?) How is the group funded? Where are they located? How long have they been established or meeting? Where or how do they meet? When and how often do they meet? What would being involved look like?

How are decisions made? Does it work with other people, groups, or organizations in its immediate area? Does it work with other groups or organizations who do similar work? Who would you contact to find out more information? 3.Last, read Dean Spade’s “Mutual Aid Chart” after you have answered your questions. Based on your observations, does the organization tend toward a radical (structural transformation) or charitable (hierarchical) relationship to the social problem they seek to address?