Identify a specific program that addresses the issue and/or problem and will use the logic model only.

RESEARCH PROPOSAL ASSIGNMENTS (Part I due at Midterm; Part II due at finals): Students will be guided in developing a mock research proposal on a topic of interest related to their academic major. These will be assigned throughout the course and relate to/reinforce systematic research and program evaluation. In the last week of the course, students will consolidate each individual of the following assignments into one completed mock research proposal. PART 1: Identifying the Problem (Due by 10/17/2023): a. Abstract: A brief synopsis of your proposal. b. Introduction/Topic (10 pts.) – Students will identify their topic of interest Page 7 of 13 Fall 2023 related to their major that is consistent with a “burning issue”: or “social problem” that is also aligned with each student’s major or future career emphasis. This topic will begin the research process and must be a topic students will use throughout the mock research proposal process. The student will briefly introduce the problem, the study’s purpose, and its significance in this section. c. Literature Review (40 pts.) – Students will review relevant peer-reviewed literature/journal articles/books (confirmed by the instructor). This literature review will compile background data from research studies based on your chosen topic. Evidence of what has been discovered should be provided within your document’s content and adequately cited. d. Problem /Theory (25 pts.) – Students will identify a theoretical or conceptual approach/framework that justifies the approach for the mock proposal and describe why this theoretical or conceptual approach/framework is suitable for the research topic/proposal. Evidence should be shown within the content of your document and cited appropriately. e. Hypothesis or Research Questions (25 pts.) – Students will write a hypothesis or research question(s), depending on the chosen research/program evaluation method. PART 2: Solving the Problem (Due by 11/28/2023): a. Methodology Selection (25 pts.) – Students identify a research method from quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods to explore the issue or problem in the topic selected initially (see above). If students wish to explore program evaluation instead, they must identify a specific program that addresses the issue and/or problem and will use the logic model only. b. Research Study Design (25 pts.) – Students will provide an extensive plan for how the study will be conducted, including research instruments, sample size, and method for obtaining the sample, data analysis plan, including methods of interpretation, for appropriate research method selected or program evaluation to be conducted. c. Data Analysis Plan (25 pts.): Students will describe the type of “anticipated data” collected, analyzed, and presented. Evaluating the Proposed Solution: a. Anticipated Limitations/Significance (15 pts.): Students will briefly discuss “anticipated” limitations to the proposed study. b. Data Dissemination (10 pts.) – This is the conclusion of the mock research proposal. Students will describe appropriate ways to disseminate the information from their research or program evaluation. Page 8 of 13 Fall 2023 Your final research document should include the following and should be between 10-15 pages. Title Page Abstract Table of Contents I. Introduction: II. Literature Review: III. Problem Statement/Theory: IV. Hypothesis/Research Question(s): V. Methodology: VI. Research Study Design: VII. Data Analysis: VIII. Limitations/Significance: IX. Data Dissemination: References Appendix (if applicable) The topic that I want to research is about video games; specifically, what are the societal and psychological effects and how they shape human behaviors, their interpersonal relationships, as well as the cultural norms surrounding it in modern society. 1. How does the use of video games affect one’s relationships and how they respond to their environment? 2. How do video games detach us from reality? 3. Video games are a source of entertainment just like movies and literature. What makes video games so addictive? I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do my research topic about, and I had a lot of trouble especially when I heard what my peers would be doing their research on. I was inspired to do my research paper on video games after watching a movie called, “Ready Player One.” The movie is essentially about this immersive virtual reality game where an entire state becomes addicted to the game. People use it to escape their real lives and they can be whoever they want in the game. In the movie, we see a lot of clips of what the outside world really looks like – it’s a bunch of people out on the streets, but they all have their oculus’ on. It was really interesting to see because even when they were outside, they were actually in the game.