How do you think you can apply concepts of epistemology to your professional social work practice.

Assignment Question

You will write a paper in which you explore a practice that is related to your selected area of specialization. For example, if you are interested in organizational leadership, you could select consensus-based decision making. If you are interested in the teaching in the academy specialization, you could examine the flipped classroom. If you are interested in the practice management specialization, you could examine theories of supervision. my specialization area is organizational leadership

Part 1: What theory or theoretical framework is the practice based on? What assumptions inform this theory and practice? How is knowledge about this area constructed? In this section, provide a literature review of the topic, using a minimum of three sources using APA. This can include journal articles, class readings, videos and other professional publications or internet sources. Note: Internet sources must be established in the professional world. (Suggested length 5 pages)

Part 2: Is the theory/practice evidence based? Address the below points. What is evidenced based practice? If there are evidenced based practice claims, how do we know? If there are, what is the proof? Are the sources of justified belief internal or external? Does the claim of evidence-based approaches disqualify other theories? Do theories develop as a result of a linear process in the evolution of knowledge or is there a dialectical process that generates new Knowledge? (Suggested length 5 pages) Part 3: Apply the following concepts to the practice and describe how knowledge regarding this practice is constituted. Use course reading and videos and text to support your discussion. Use APA citation style. (Suggested length 5 pages) Ontology Epistemology Realism Relativism Rationalism

Part 4: Discuss the strengths and limitations of the knowledge construction related to your theory/selected practice. How do you think you can apply concepts of epistemology to your professional social work practice. (Suggested length 2 pages)