How do states regulate/legislate this same policy/issue? Is this important or germane to the discussion when the US Congress considers legislation? Why/why not?

Assignment Question


This assignment is designed to teach you to how to research and analyze a public policy issue in the US, as well as to compare how the parties feel regarding the issue. When educating yourself on an issue, it important to understand how the policy has evolved, as well the role of others involved in policy making such as government, interest groups, companies, religious groups, etc. You should also learn to understand how the policy affects the individual, as well as society as a whole. Once educated, a person can then make recommendations to improve current policy or justify why they approve of the current policy.

PART 1: OPENING rovide an introduction to your reader regarding the law/policy selected. This should focus on the US. Make sure you address the following as applicable: Define the policy/issue for the reader. How has the policy evolved in Congress? What is/are the current national law(s) regarding the policy? Make sure you address oversight/regulation of Boards/Committees in Congress regarding the issue. Define the important funding/enforcement issues in the State. Student must use the US Congress website ( to review any potential issues/legislation that has been submitted.

PART 2: COMPARATIVE INFO How do states regulate/legislate this same policy/issue? Is this important or germane to the discussion when the US Congress considers legislation? Why/why not? A good source here is National Conference on State Legislatures(

PART 3: CONSIDERING THE ROLES OF POLITICAL PARTIES Review and summarize the political party platform regarding the Party’s stance on the issue selected. If the party does not specifically address the issue, use topics that are similar. You should also use the Party Preamble, Priories, etc. You MUST use the OFFICIAL PARTY PLATFORM for this section or you will receive a zero on this section. You must cover the “” and “” You must use of third party platform: “” OR “”

PART 4: CONSIDERING DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES This is not a position paper. Use scholarly research Consider the pros/cons; cost/benefits, positives/negatives. Do not select a topic that you are not willing to consider all sides, otherwise, you will likely fail the paper.

PART 5: SOCIAL & INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY How does this issue directly affect you? How does the policy affect society similarly and or differently? End your paper by defining, based on your research, how you define the proper role of government in regulating this issue. Explain positives of current regulation/Define specifics changes to the law to improve regulation/oversight of the policy.

WRITING REQUIREMENTS: This paper must be typed using MLA or APA formatting. You must cite with in the paper to show where sources were used and include a proper works cited page– websites should be included in the works cited entry. You must use a minimum of 15 reliable SCHOLARLY/ACADEMIC sources and those sources must be cited to within the paper. As stated above, all students must use and cite to US law(s) and/or proposed legislation using the US Congressional website. As additional sources, students are encouraged to use peer reviewed articles, law journals, reliable news sources, etc. The text of your paper should be a minimum of 1200 words and should not exceed 2500 words.