Family-centred care (FCC) recognises, “the central role of the family in an individual’s health and well-being”

Family-centred care (FCC) recognises, “the central role of the family in an individual’s health and well-being” (Frank et al., 2019, p. 2). Yet, in some units, the neonatal environment does not encourage family involvement and neonatal clinicians- rather than family members- remain predominantly responsible for delivering care (Frank et al., 2019). This dynamic contributes to high parental anxiety and stress, with many families unprepared to care for their infant after discharge. Furthermore, geographic, racial/ethnic, and sociodemographic disparities in FCC are sometimes evident (Frank et al., 2019). For this assessment you will write an essay, in which you: evaluate the impact of family-centred, neurodevelopmental care on the health outcomes of preterm and compromised babies, or those born to vulnerable populations (e.g. those experiencing socio-economic disadvantage). discuss the implications for neonatal practice arising from this evaluation (for instance, consider the impact of unit design on infant and family outcomes). identify where further research is required to address knowledge gaps and improve family-centered, neurodevelopmental care. Assessment criteria: You will be marked against the criteria in the contextualised marking rubric for essays. Reference: Franck, L.S., Kriz, R.M. Bisgaard, R., Cormier, D.M. Joe, P., Miller, P.S., Kim, J.H., Lin, C., & Sun, Y. (2019). Comparison of family centred care with family integrated care and mobile technology (mFICare) on preterm infant and family outcomes: a multi-site quasi-experimental clinical trial protocol. BMC Paediatrics, 19(1), n.pag.


UNDERSTANDING and KNOWLEDGE The student can interpret the essay question accurately and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the essay content by discussing, explaining, analysing, interpreting, and evaluating the theme ideas/concepts. Maximum score35 CONSTRUCTION OF THE ASSESSMENT The essay is constructed in a standard academic format using an introduction, body, and conclusion. The content themes are organised logically, concept by concept, building a coherent position or argument on the topic/s . The essay question has a clear response, highlighting any new information on the topic/s, gaps in the literature, and implications for future research or practice. Maximum score25 RESEARCH and EVIDENCE The student demonstrates an ability to link theory to practice by integrating research and evidence into the development of the essay, cultivating new ideas, and supporting the essay’s position. Maximum score25 WRITING and REFERENCING The essay is written correctly and follows the ACN recommendations for academic writing format and referencing style. Maximum score15 APA 7th referencing style Please use reference from the themes.